There is a high demand from Road Departments throughout Africa and other third world countries to develop a small mobile Hot mix machine for Bitumen Road repairs to become independent from traditional stationary bitumen heating-mixing-batching plants.


The first iteration of the Rotomix design was introduced as a prototype in 2007.The first machine has been extensively tested with the Road Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Roads in Nairobi/ Kenya. The successful testing resulted in an order of 5 machines with more orders in progress. The success of the prototype encouraged me to seek out a capable manufacturing company in South Africa to service the African Market.


The Rotomix technology is patented in many countries and is the only mobile Bitumen heater/mixer with a specially designed vertical mixer Vessel with a diesel burner. The flame is in direct contact with the Vessel floor and has a heavy-duty agitator inside the Vessel to mix the aggregate.  This unique combination of functionality has numerous advantages over other conventional horizontal heater vessel designs.


The Rotomix is easy to operate and is capable of maintaining and repairing potholes on tarmac roads, driveways, yards etc