Protea Engineering is actively involved in the following fields :

  • Precision and Component Manufacturing

    Our state-of-the-art machinery will always ensure quality results produced with flexibility, in a short turn-around time.

    With CNC machines, horizontal and vertical borers, lathes, milling gear, planning and gear-hobbing machines, drilling, metal-working and fabrication machines, we are able to meet a wide range of requirements.
    Keeping up with industry trends and continually investing in the most modern techniques enables us to maximize the number of spindle hours, allowing for competitive pricing. The use of state-of-the-art software allows us to quickly and efficiently translate your CAD model to a complete an NC programme.
    Our high quality machines allow for maximum quality, at minimum costs
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing

    We design and manufacture high quality injection moulds and press tools

  • Production Runs

    Our focus on quality workmanship and flexibility, combined with modern machinery and motivated employees, ensures that your specific requirements in both large and small series production are met.

  • Machine Design

    A keen curiosity – this is the key to developing and producing unique, 100% customer specific, specialty machines.

    Our engineering department consists of a team of highly skilled mechanical and electro-technical experts, as well as software and process engineers. Between them their knowledge and capabilities are at the highest level.
    By combining mechanics and electronics with our practical, “hands on” knowledge in the field of process technique, a strong and creative knowledge centre is created – ensuring intelligent tailor-made solutions.
    Our mechanical experts are at the heart of our designs – their approach in structural working is driven by a specific problem posed by you, the customer. Our engineering and design solutions conform to internationally recognized CE machine guidelines and safety rules and our drafts are worked out in one of the following CAD systems: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks.
  • Plant Automation

     The development, integration and modification of process techniques includes loading, winding, unwinding, cutting, coating, laser marking, testing, dosing and printing.

    Our expert electro-technicians are involved from the earliest stages of the design process in order to familiarise themselves with your particular requirements. This is of utmost importance as they are responsible for mapping out all movements and function sequencing, as well as all hardware and software specifications, circuitries, operating and sensor components and data acquisition – including elements such as PC, PLC and servos.

    Automation can be described as one of the most challenging fields within the industry – therefore to succeed at this and ensure your end product is of the highest quality, we have highly qualified engineers to translate your vision into reality.